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The History of Hockey in Nijmegen - Overview

1968 - 1975
- Start of Hockey in Nijmegen and arrival of Alex Andjelic. Nijmegen started to play in the local icerink in Heyendaal. Nationale Nederlanden sponsered the Nijmegen hockey team. Youth program established. More.

1975 - 1980
- Young Nijmegen players come up such as Fred Homburg, Harrie van Heumen and Ben Tijnagel. A lot of Dutch Canadian players arrive in Nijmegen such as Frank van Soldt and Dick Jellema. More.

Scott Lecy playing for the Universtity of Wisconsin (NCAA)

1980 - 1985
- Nijmegen wins their first ever title in 1984. Strong import players like Scott Lecy, Ron Kennedy and Don Fraser raise the overall level of play in Nijmegen. More.

Dave Russell when playing for Heerenveen.

1985 - 1990
- Alex Andjelic leaves to for Chur in Switzerland and Danny Cuomo settles in Nijmegen. Nijmegen wins their second title in 1988. During the second part of the eighties a lot of Nijmegen players move away and go to Rotterdam. More

1990 - 1995
- Bakker Bart and Flame Guards Sponsored Nijmegen. Ben Tijnagel returns in the 1992 season. Nijmegen wins their 3rd title. Financial difficulties arise. Nijmegen starts over as the Fulda
Tigers in 1994-1995. More.

Herckenrath after another championship.

1995 - 2000
- Most successful period of hockey in Nijmegen with four consecutive titles. Nijmegen dominated the league. More.

2000 - 2005
- The early years of this period were not successful and financial problems caused Nijmegen not to enter the league in 2003. Nijmegen re-joined the league in 2004 as Nijmegen Emperors. More.

2005-2010 - Nijmegen wins the title in 2006. However already after three years the Nijmegen organization bankrupt. Nijmegen resurfaces as Nijmegen Devils. More